Ô MUR is a system for fixing parquet and laminate flooring to the wall in a simple and quick way.

Find below a list of questions and answers that can help you in your realization and for your project.

Which kind of support can I lay Ô MUR on?

You can lay Ô MUR system on all kind of support: plasterboard, bricks, breezeblock and wood. Just be sure to use bolds and dowels adapted to your wall type. However, your wall has to be flat in order to fix correctly your rails and floorboards.

I also wish to insulate, can I put on a thin insulation under Ô MUR? How?

You can insulate your wall by integrating and adhering 0.2 inch thick insulation strips or underlay, between the rails.

Can I install Ô MUR in my bathroom?

You can fully set Ô MUR system on the walls of your bathroom. For this, you’ll need to use a 100% water-resistant floor covering (check the
manufacturer information and guarantee concerned).

Do I have to screw the rails into the wall?
It’s highly recommended to fix the rails to the wall. If you don’t wish to make a hole in your wall, you can use glues therefor. However, they are less efficient and take at least 24 h between the attachment and the laying to the wall of your parquet.

Can I use less C clips?

No, it’s imperative to put a C clip within each wood planks intersection. C clips allow to firmly fix the floorboards on the rails and so are essential to the conception of your Ô MUR.

Can I lay my rails with a gap larger than 19.69 inch ?

The distance between your laying to the wall parquet rails will depend on the calculation made by the Ô MUR configurator. However, it’s important to set the rails between 17.72 inch and 21.66 inch from each other. Yet, your wall has to be flat in order to fix correctly your rails and floorboards.

Is it easy to self-install a Ô MUR?

Ô MUR is an easy and fast laying system. Don’t hesitate to view the Ô MUR laying video, in order to guide you in the different steps of your laying to the wall parquet.
Trick: Make sure the first rails row is perfectly vertical or horizontal before continuing the other rows laying. These rails will serve as reference as you lay the rest of your floor to the wall.

What is the difference between Ô DECORATION WALL and Ô RENOVATION WALL?

Ô MUR DECORATION uses flexible and malleable PVC rails to allow a playful installation of your floor coverings on healthy walls whose surface condition is sufficiently regular for decoration in general while not having to repair cracks, bleeding, etc... visible.

The Ô MUR RENOVATION system uses aluminium rails for their lightness and resistance while also being malleable in order to allow a playful installation of your floor coverings on healthy walls whose surface condition is not sufficiently regular (plaster, bricks, etc.) and on wooden or metal frames (partitions, under slopes, attics, etc.) for the decoration and/or layout of your home.

Is the installation of the Ô DECORATION WALL system identical to that of Ô RENOVATION WALL?

The installation of these systems is slightly different, as the rails are made of PVC for Ô MUR Décoration and Alumlinum for Ô MUR Rénovation.

To guide you, two separate installation instructions are available for download:

Download the installation instructions Ô MUR Décoration

Download the installation instructions Ô MUR Rénovation

Which are the Ô MUR system benefits?

The mural decoration with Ô MUR will allow you:
- To renovate and decorate all or part of the walls in an original and economic manner.
- To set to the wall all the clip-on floor of the market.
- To be totally removable or modifiable according to the needs and wishes.
- A simple and fast laying, either horizontal or vertical.
- To insulate a wall just adding a glass wool between the wall and the decoration.
- To vary the floors and parquets on your wall to benefit from numerous clip-on floors decoration and surface appearance.

What is the difference between the white Click Ô MUR panel and the other clip-on blades on the market?

Ô MUR is an installation concept dedicated to rigid and clip-on floor coverings with their own decorations.
CLick Ô MUR (ready to paint) white panels will bring you another decorative solution by allowing you to customize them to paint them using stencils for example, or many other ideas according to your imagination.
In addition, they will be a very good alternative to plasterboard, which causes significant inconveniences for the finish.

Is it possible to mix several clip-on floors on my wall?

No, Ô MUR system doesn’t allow to position different floors or clip-on parquet on a same wall.
If you wish to create numerous decorations, you’ll have to realize again the start laying for each new reference. However, make sure you are using the same floors reference so that the wood planks have the same thickness.

For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service: contact@o-mur.com