Tests and trials carried out on the Ô MUR system
by the FCBA


Purpose of the test: Mechanical test on clip C, in particular on the transparent tongue, which is the key element on which the weight of the parquet floor is based and keeps the floor plated to the wall.

Test results: tearing and shearing
Result of pull-out: Clip C has a tear strength of 4.49kg
Shear result: Clip C has a shear strength up to 1.72kg

Test results: maximum load weight carried by clip C
Calculation method ES x L x e (ES = Rail spacing ; L = Parquet board width ; e= board thickness)
Under maximum conditions each clip carries a maximum of 1.68kg

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Test purpose: Ageing test on a wall with a surface area of 2100 mm x 2100 mm, with two different types of parquet. Tests were carried out to measure the stability of the Ô MUR system in hydrothermal stress for a period of 2 months.

Test results :
The two walls mounted with both types of parquet flooring comply with the specifications of EN 13329 and ISO 24339. The results confirm the perfect performance of the Ô MUR system for indoor use.

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Test purpose:
Test of the reaction of Ô MUR products and their behaviour to fire, smoke production and flaming droplets/particles.

Test results :
The classification obtained is D-S2, D0, which is equivalent to M3 Wall

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