Ô MUR is an ingenious system, which offers you numerous attributes.

Ô MUR patented system is made of accessories to renovate and decorate all or part of your walls using clip-on floor.

Ô MUR DECORATION allows to fit in and decorate the walls in no time, to offer you all the creative crazy actions! This universal system revolutionizes and facilitates the covering walls, to provide a unique and customizable mural decoration at will!
The laying to the wall of your parquet is very easy and fast thanks to Ô MUR products.

Thus you'll be using floor clip-on parquet but Ô MUR is adaptable to a vertical or horizontal wall laying.



Toolkit : Ô MUR laying tool kit includes an assembly wrench, two multitools serving to drill and hold to the floor, and a finish razor. These tools help to fix well the rails, clip and lock the floorboards on the wall and, at least, to realize a beautiful finish thanks to the razor.

Clips D/A : These start and stop clips allow you to fix the laminate planks or the floorboards at the beginning and the end of the laying.

Clips C : Connexion clips are used, during the assembly of the wood planks with each other, to fix each floorboard or laminate plank on the rails.

Rails : The rails are 125cm long and 5mm thick attach to your wall in order to create a structure for the laying of the parquet on your wall.

Choice of panels : The panels (sold separately) used must not exceed 30cm in width and their thickness must be between 6 and 16mm. The installation instructions and precautions of the manufacturer of these boards must also be observed at all times.

NB : Think of the Click Ô MUR panels to paint!

Necessary equipment: In order to carry out your clip-on floor laying project (does not work with the groove/languette system) you must, in addition to the Ô MUR elements, equip yourself with the following tools: a bubble leveler; a screwdriver with a 6 mm diameter drill bit; a tape measure; a saw; 1 cm wedges and screws and dowels adapted to the material of your 6 mm diameter wall.

Advices: To start your laying on the wall parquet project, discover the Combo Pack, which contains in a single carton box : 8 S/S clips, 6 rails, 36 C clips and 24 adhesive pads.

Need some Help?

Take it easy! Ô MUR is there for you at each step of your project, from the purchase to the laying.

Calculate all your needs according to your wall, thanks to our Ô MUR configurator.

How to attach your floor to the wall?

Ô MUR is a complete system which allows to lay alone and quickly an original and unique wall covering. The laying system is accessible to all.

Follow the laying steps watching below the TUTO video, to renovate, decorate and fit in all your walls.

The laying Ô MUR DECORATION step-by-step:

1/ Use the adhesive pads to fix the rails to the wall.

2/ The multitool accessory allows to fix the rails to the wall. (using bolts and dowels) permanently. To facilitate the assembly, it maintains the wood planks during the laying.

3/ Laying of the start clip with the assembly wrench and the adhesive pad.

4/ et 5/ Laying of the first blade, then, laying of the connexion clips between each wood planks. Then, repeat this procedure to cover a desired surface.

6/ To complete the job, you just got to cut the connexion clips tabs thanks to the razor.

Download the laying instructions.

Additional accessories Ô MUR

Ô MUR offers you a range of accessories to help you in the installation and finishing of your floor-to-wall installation project.

1/ Click Ô MUR

White clipable panels ready to paint. They offer many possibilities because they can be directly positioned in the original matt white colour, or painted in the colour of your choice.

Click Ô MUR panels have a large size to facilitate their installation and a beautiful aesthetic finish.
Panel size: width 30cm, length 120cm and thickness 8cm

CLick Ô MUR (ready to paint) white panels will bring you another decorative solution by allowing you to customize them to paint them using stencils for example, or many other ideas according to your imagination.
Finally, they will be a very good alternative to plasterboard, which causes significant inconveniences for the finish.

2/ NivÔ Easyfix

This leveling clamp is positioned by clipping onto different supports.

This O MUR accessory makes it easy to install the system by leaving both hands free to position your rails and blades properly.

The NivÔ Easyfix can be used for all your other fitting and DIY projects that can be adapted to many supports: rods, frames, etc....

3/ Profils 3 in 1

Finishing profiles that easily adapt to all finishing needs: corners or straight.

The 3 in 1 profiles of Ô MUR are available in 6 colours: white to paint, glossy white, satin black, silver metallic, gold metallic and bronze metallic.
The profiles are foldable and easily cut to fit all projects.

Their thin thickness (2mm) ensures a clean and discreet finish to your interior.